Debt Consolidation Loans

Reduce high-interest costs from credit cards and create a more manageable debt payment option. This loan can reduce the amount you owe each month to make debt more affordable. We want to help you convert old debt and get out of past due problems or collections!

North Idaho Native Fund Debt Relief

Payday Alternative Loans

North Idaho Native Fund Payday

Require an income and bank account. The amount you can borrow may vary, and your income, expenses and lending history may be considered. At this time, this loan is not available due to funding.

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Personal Loans

A general-purpose loan for anyone who needs money in a single lump sum. This loan will offer a fixed interest rate and predictable monthly payments.

North Idaho Native Fund Loans

Business Loans

North Idaho Native Fund Class

Businesses require capital to fund startup expenses and it is important for business owners to understand how loans work, and what expenses the loan should be put toward. NINF wants small business owners to be prepared for success.

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